About Us

GAIN STAKEHOLDERS include game arts organizers and curators in Los Angeles, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Madrid, Ottawa, Austin, Seattle, Tel Aviv, Halifax, New York, Berlin, Melbourne, Portland, Reykjavík, Pittsburgh, London, Boston, Copenhagen, Cape Town and Toronto.

JIM MUNROE founded GAIN. Prior to that he co-founded the Hand Eye Society, the world’s first videogame arts organization, and was its executive director for seven years. While there he produced the Torontron indie arcade cabinet, the Fancy Videogame Party, The WordPlay Festival of Writerly Games, and Camp Make-a-Game. His games have been showcased at Sundance and Cannes. You can reach him at jim@gameartsinternational.network.

MARIE LEBLANC FLANAGAN is an artist working in the playful spaces between people, especially related to connection and community. Marie builds experimental video games, playful installations, and cooperative experiences. Marie has an enduring fondness for the infinite possibilities of trash. Marie founded Wyrd Arts Initiatives (a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to encouraging, documenting, and connecting creative expression across Canada), A Kind of Play (workshops on making experimental games), Drone Day (an annual international celebration of drone music communities) and co-founded Imaginary Residency (an artist-run online residency). You can reach Marie at marie@gameartsinternational.network.