GAIA Midway Roundup!

We are more than half way through the Game Arts International Assembly 2021 at this point and we thought we’d give a bit of a summary of some of the highlights thus far. We chose to have Mer Grazzini doodle document the sessions to give people sense of what they were like! Here’s The New Spacemakers session:

You can explore the outcome of Niall Moody‘s excellent LikeLike workshop over here, where he taught us to make 15 rooms in 15 minutes and then we toured them!

Here’s a detail from the Game Art Curator Kit session, click for the full image:

The Game Art Curator Kit is still in progress but well underway over here!

Here’s a detail from the the Show Them the Money session, click for the full doodle:

You can check out the results of our workshop here!

The Play Safe: Game Arts in a Time of Plague session:

Helen and Chad posted their inspiring microtalk, as did Luca!

Our last session to date was Now You’re Playing With Power: Outlaw and Activist Game Curation. We got such great feedback from it we’ve posted the video recording of the session in case you missed it.

Here’s teasers for the sessions still to come!

Hand-made Game Scenes: Curious about game scenes outside your own country? Meet people growing thriving ecosystems, building communities, and teaching game-makers in Jamaica, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and Africa.

Radical Rebuilds: The old ways are broken. What kind of game scenes could we dream up in the future? What kind of game communities would make us feel cherished and supported?

Boss Fight: How do we combat the dominance of the English language in our arts practice? How do we support game arts intermediaries working with and in other languages? 

Art of the Interface: Curators working with mainstream art institutions give post-mortems on the things they learned smuggling games into high art spaces. 

Check out the full schedule for dates, speakers, and registration link!

A big cozy pile of GAIA attendees chat at the end of a session.

This year GAIA is being produced by Luján Oulton (Game on! El arte en juego) and Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan and Jim Munroe (Game Arts International Network). Thanks to our session partners the Canadian Embassy to Argentina and Paraguay, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Goethe-Institut, and our symposium partner the Ontario Arts Council.