Playful Questions: An Open Discussion Series

In GAIA’s fallow year we want to plant some seeds for our 2023 (hopefully in-person) symposium with a casual open discussion series. We asked some folks in the game arts community what questions they’re wrestling with these days… 

Shalev wondered How do you find your people once you immigrate to a new place?
Louie inquired How do you create a sustainable workshop or communal space?
Gwen mulled over How do you get other cultural workers into games?
Jim struggled with How do you work collaboratively in a fractured community?

Come and chime in! These are not GAIA sessions — they will be very informal 1 hour online hangs where our hosts will be asking a question they don’t know the answer to. We’ll do them every last Saturday of the month for as long as people have questions to play with. (You can suggest one here for later in the year!) 

The first one will be Saturday Jan 29th at 11AM EST. (Subscribe to the gcal here for this and future months as the exact time will change to accommodate different time zones).

This series is a project of the Game Arts International Assembly, organized by Luján Oulton (Game on! El arte en juego), Jim Munroe and Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan (Game Arts International Network). Illustration: Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan.