GAIA Proposal Deadline

We have already received a number of exciting proposals for Game Arts International Assembly sessions and have started working with people to flesh them out. However, there’s still a few more days for you to submit any ideas you might have via our not-very-taxing form. For further inspiration check out our programming from our first edition. Selected sessions will receive an honorarium.

Here are some of the aforementioned people we’re excited to be involving!

Play & Learn (2006) by Rodolfo Peraza

Lesly Fonseca Tundidor and Néstor Siré will be addressing the challenges of curating video games in Cuba. They will be discussing SNET, Havana’s alternative Internet where an off-line outlaw community of game makers has been running since 2006.

“Hawkings” (2004) machinima by Rewell Altunaga

Luca Carrubba is in the process of curating a Spanish exhibition during the pandemic. How do you showcase interactive work that’s meant to be touched in a time when this can spread contagion? What are the new strategies this constraint can suggest that could serve us even post-pandemic? How do we present games beyond just passing the controller?

Arcade Friend (2019) by Marie Claire Flanagan

Marie Claire Flanagan is a Canadian artist who works with arts, music, and game communities. During the pandemic, she has created resources to facilitate online connection, developed experiments for enlivening meetings, and hosted gatherings where people explore different platforms. She will be hosting a discussion and show & tell around playful and curious ways to gather online.

This year GAIA is being produced by Luján Oulton (Game on! El arte en juego), Jim Munroe and Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan (Game Arts International Network). We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.